Qualified Asheville Electrician

Qualified Asheville Electrician

R.A. Thomas Electric is a Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor for 36 Years.

Experience a Qualified Asheville Electrician.

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Qualified Asheville Electrician, Specializing in electrical troubleshooting repair we are the CO Specialist



Our 24/7 service.Competitive hourly rates. No mark-up on materials, always at cost.Troubleshoot, repair and upgrade your home electrical requires qualified Asheville electrician. The North Carolina Law has changed. Homeowners are no longer required to pull a permit for small light fixture change-out or replacement of outlets and switches due to maintenance or upgrades. This new law has a caveat which is, all work done without a permit must be performed by a NC licensed electrical contractor. .

Commercial Electricians dispatched to Asheville Business



Our 24/7 service. Competitive hourly rates. No mark-up on materials, always at cost.R.A. Thomas Electric will quickly provide electrical solutions to commercial and business owners restaurants with zest and efficiency. We do sub work for general contractors and provide businesses with light Fixture renovation, new electrical outlets, electrical problems, expansion, power upgrades, new equipment installation, power surge and interruption protection, security cameras, lighted and powered fixtures issues are typical business and commercial work we have performed electrical work in Asheville for decades. Let us help you. Our ability to solve problems and execute repairs in a workmanlike manner is our mission.

commercial electricians work as subcontractor


Our 24/7 service.Competitive hourly rates. No mark-up on materials, always at cost.R.A. Thomas Electric provides electrical solutions to factories, hospitals, security zones, warehouses, processing plants, manufacturers, bottling plants, solar hot water arrays, large building electric machinery, etc. We have the experience and capability to successfully solve problems, provide consulting and execute repairs as insured and bondable unlimited electrical licensed electricians we are here to help your facility.

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R.A. Thomas Electric has been engaged in a wide variety of social capital oriented electrical technologies for decades. Our living laboratory is the historic Flatiron Building in Western North Carolina where R.A. Thomas Electric has helped design and installed solar hot water array, maintained building wide wifi, piped music and white noise systems, and the design of a renewable energy facility planned for Reems Creek, Weaverville, North Carolina. We provide electrical informal instruction on a weekly schedule of programming downtown Asheville for over 28 years. Click here for more info…