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Best Electrician Asheville

Best Electrician Asheville ? That’s what our small business and residential customers say at least. I was born in Florida and came to Asheville as an electrican in the early 1990’s. I purchased the historic downtown Asheville Flatiron Building and operate my electrical contractor business from that location. With three trucks and four professionals, we serve home owners and small businesses within Buncombe County. I am proud to call myself an electrician and each of our technicians are friendly, code conscious and efficient. We are here to help. Call us today at 1(828) 258-3999 and let us get your electrical problems solved. – Russell Thomas, Head Electrican.

“…best electrician asheville. is definitely RA Thomas Electric. They have been providing my home and business with any troubleshooting, repair and expansion for years. Friendly, fast, trustworthy. After so many years we have needed upgrades to our small businesses including lighting, sound, P.A.’s, fire secruity, video security, adding breakers and outdoor electical solutions 0 R.A. Thomas has helped every step of the way….”

                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Mrs. Pilar Sansburg

We wanted to redesign our basement and turn it into a multimedia den for live music, audio visual entertainment and quiet time relaxation. R.A. Thomas handled it all and also solved some problems we inherited from the last owner of the house. When finished we had new embedded lighting, track lighting all on sophisticated dimmer system connected by blue tooth. The embedded speakers and appropriate new circuits gave us all the power we need for our musical instruments and speakers. We also appreciated the installation of our LED into our wall with a seamless surface. – Thanks to Russell and his crew we came in underbudget and finished earlier than expected. Great work! – Thomas Lipold

Flir Thermographic Camera

The Flir™ Thermographic Camera is the most effective and precise way to evaluate equipment wear. Along with an unlimited number of other heat related issues.. The Flir thermographic camera is the most advanced technology available. of any environment, machinery or mechanical system saves downtime of appliance and electrical panels while allowing non-invasive troubleshooting. Electrical wiring, electrical breaker boxes, electric switching and mechanical machinery typically have a heat signature profile ranging from normal operation to problematic and abnormal behavior indicating overheating, danger or moisture problems.

  • R.A. Thomas Electric provides a commercial grade Flir thermographic imaging systems.
  • Residential Thermographic Evaluation
  • Commercial Thermographic Evaluation
  • Industrial Thermographic Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Libraries & Archive Facility Thermographic
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities Thermographic Evaluation
  • Government Facilities and Warehouses Thermographic Evaluation

The benefit of thermal imaging can help with residential, commercial, industrial, medical and agricultural wiring, electrical powered systems, heating ventilation and cooling, and specialized problems. Depending on the strategy used to identify, target and diagnose problem equipment, problem wiring, and faulty systems.

Water leaks and mold can be easily detected. While overloaded electrical wiring and systems can cause damage, it can also add to the possibility of fire. The ability to evaluate an electrically system using our Flir thermographic camera at no additional charge give our customers an edge. The camera see things that can’t be seen by the naked eye. At no extra charge we bring the Flir thermographic camera a to residences, businesses, shops, factories, warehouses or any electrically dependent location.

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Fast Efficient Residential Electrical Contracting

R.A. Thomas Electric’s fast efficient residential services provide homeowners and multi-family unit owners with experience delivered by our trained electrical journeyman. Since 1995, Western North Carolina families have experienced innovation, honesty and impeccable customer service in solving a wide range of residential electrical challenges. Constantly studing the ever changing National Electric Code makes us confident that we can quickly solve any issue . Electrical contracting is our main focus. We may be over trained but we like it that way. Let Asheville’s Electrician help:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Install Ceiling Fans
  • Electrical installation of appliances
  • Aluminum Wire to Copper Wire
  • Remodeling/Additions for Homes
  • Arc Fault & Surge Protection Systems
  • Dryer, Range, Hot Water Heater
  • Bathroom/Kitchen Lighting
  • Recessed Fixture Installation
  • Energy Management Evaluation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • GFCI Plugs for Outdoors/Indoor
  • Relocate Plug and Switches
  • Code/Safety Home Evaluation

We are part of Asheville’s Downtown’s small business community. We are commited to sustainable conscious living. We have renewabilities an to share with you and our community. We are fast efficient residential specialists with experience and training that can save you money. We know our business and would enjoy sharing our expertise. All our technicians are licensed and insured.

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Residential Commercial Electrical Asheville NC

At R.A. Thomas Electrical our experience solving problems and helping business electrical challenges is matter of pride. From restaurants, to retail stores, government buildings, schools, colleges, universities, convention centers, hotels and move theaters we have provided electric solutions for the Western North Carolina commercial businesses. Call us at (828) 258-3999 for Residential Commercial Electrical Asheville NC.

Our electrical specialists troubleshoot and implement code compliant electrical rewiring, installation and expansion for any building. Interested in expansion or upfit? R.A. Thomas Electrical provides emergency and crisis solutions throughout Western North Carolina and not just commercial electrical Asheville NC

From regular and routine maintenance to emergency situations, our commercial electrical contracting team are ready to help:

  • Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits
  • Building Additions and Remodeling
  • Generator Systems Installation
  • Arc Fault & Surge Protection Systems
  • Landscape Lighting Design and Installation
  • Electrical Service Upgrades / Service Change
  • Fuse to Circuit Breaker Change-out
  • Circuit and Control Wiring for New Equipment
  • Outdoor Sign Services and Maintenance
  • Weatherproof Outlets for Outdoors Lighting
  • Energy Management and Evaluation of building systems (FLIR analysis and Reports)
  • Single phase 120/240 & 120/208 and 3 phase Service Installation and Maintenance
  • Emergency Temporary Installations
  • Electrical Code/Safety Evaluations
  • Mediator of Local Code Officials

Our strengths are the ability to be on-time to each Service Call with the expertise you would want from an Electrician.

Call us at (828) 258-3999 for Commercial Electrical Asheville NC