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Duke PowerDuke Power

As the world moves toward renewable resources and solutions to curb pollution and to protect the environment,  North Carolina has a barrier. That barrier is Duke Power’s exclusive (monopoly) over electric power and its transmission in the State of North Carolina.  In an effort control the outcome of this recent coal ash spill resulting in contamination of a 100 mile section of a significant North Carolina river. Duke Power quickly went to work cleaning up the 40 million ton arsenic laden coal ash mess and contacted the state hoping to mitigate it liability.  Thank goodness they have friends at state level by way of current governor of North Carolina is Patrick McCrory a 30+ year employee of Duke Power before his bid for mayor of Charlotte and then as Governor of North Carolina. As Governor McCrory is responsible for how the clean up is managed and later cleaned up. McCrory has found a solution to further problems with the cost of cleanup and possible fines for such Corporate pollution. As Governor McCrory has sworn a pledge to serve the people of North Carolina. The conflict with that oath is McCrory’s deep loyalties to the company (Duke Power) that  he spent most of his adult life defending and or representing.

Since becoming Governor McCrory is working to rollback North Carolina’s once progressive stance as the second largest renewable power producer in America. To a state that has discontinued the State Tax Credit Program and attempts to repeal North Carolina’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (REPS) that forced Duke Power to invest in Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Programs.  McCrory negative effects have not been limited to Renewable energy has refused statewide medical care and funding to schools, daycare and basically any benefit to NC small business individuals and their employees.

We need a Governor that stands with the people of the state of North Carolina and not the second richest utility in America.