Flir Thermographic Camera

The Flir™ Thermographic Camera is the most effective and precise way to evaluate equipment wear. Along with an unlimited number of other heat related issues.. The Flir thermographic camera is the most advanced technology available. of any environment, machinery or mechanical system saves downtime of appliance and electrical panels while allowing non-invasive troubleshooting. Electrical wiring, electrical breaker boxes, electric switching and mechanical machinery typically have a heat signature profile ranging from normal operation to problematic and abnormal behavior indicating overheating, danger or moisture problems.

The benefit of thermal imaging can help with residential, commercial, industrial, medical and agricultural wiring, electrical powered systems, heating ventilation and cooling, and specialized problems. Depending on the strategy used to identify, target and diagnose problem equipment, problem wiring, and faulty systems.

R.A. Thomas Electric provides a commercial grade Flir thermographic imaging systems.

  • Residential Thermographic Evaluation
  • Commercial Thermographic Evaluation
  • Industrial Thermographic Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Libraries & Archive Facility Thermographic
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities Thermographic Evaluation
  • Government Facilities and Warehouses Thermographic Evaluation

Water leaks and mold can be easily detected.  While overloaded electrical wiring and systems can cause damage, it can also add to the possibility of fire. The ability to evaluate an electrically system using our Flir thermographic camera at no additional charge give our customers an edge. The camera see things that can’t be seen by the naked eye. At no extra charge we bring the Flir thermographic camera a to residences, businesses, shops, factories, warehouses or any electrically dependent location.