Service Upgrade

Service Upgrade to Circuit Breaker Panel

In Asheville, our historic neighborhoods and farm homes at times still use the old fashion glass screw-in fuses. R.A. Thomas Electric can if necessary replace the glass screw in fuses with a modern and code compliant circuit breaker. At times, older homes require a power / service upgrade can involve an increase in available power coming from the power company.  This can be necissary because of the addition of new Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems or modernization to a circuit breaker panel. All our work meets National Electric Code (NEC). As Licensed Electricians we are exsempt from City Inspection fees for residental repairs which saves you the additional $78 dollars on many service calls.  We have an outstanding relationship with Asheville and Buncombe County inspectors for efficient, safe and fast permitting for larger projects.

R.A. Thomas Electric has experience working with older homes with old nob and tube wiring and residential electricity problems. Our electrical power for homes experience includes working with vs. replacing all the antique or older electrical systems. We save clients money my ensuring that only unsafe elements are replaced. Old homes are important to those who wish to keep the historic nature of the residence. “Old-work” is a term to craft new electrical wiring, receptacles and antique fixtures in such a way that keeps a similar look and feel – not to modernize your aesthetic rather keeping the antique look and replacing unsafe elements. Call (828) 258-3999

I have been in the electrical business my whole life and have always enjoy it.