Thermographic HVAC Inspection


Thermographic HVAC Inspection

Heating Ventilation and Cooling machinery can often fail. Thermographic HVAC Inspection can detect one or more components such as pulleys, motors, fans, armatures, casings and electrical fault at smaller part levels. The break down of equipment is always preceded by an over-heating of its component. The thermo-vision camera allows none invasive inspection without shutting the equipment down.

At times, the installation of new equipment or new electrical load on an existing circuit may cause issues. Using a Thermographic HVAC Inspection and Flir techknowledge can reveal problems by simply viewing the circuit and connections. Power can be on a during analysis. System failure of any size heating, cooling and ventilation system causes loss of income. Our thermographic specialist are trained electricians which makes analysis of what is the best efficient solutions.

The use of Thermographic HVAC Inspection to photograph existing systems and facility equipment can give maintenance supervisors and techs a reference point for future evaluation to schedule equipment downtimes instead of equipment failure on its on time schedule.

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