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What you didn’t know…Compact Florescent

What you didn’t know can hurt you. Take the compact florescent bulb for instance. While the bulb manufacturers  advertise the wattage used for each hour used as 20-27 watts. This number depends on just how bright equivalent you are looking for. None the less the overall marketing as a cost saving advantage based on wattage used per hour illuminated (on). The level of savings is normally derived by taking the advertised “27 watts” subtracted from the equivalent wattage”100 watts” this resulting number is a saving of more than 60%. Wow, I’ve got to change every light in my house to compact florescent…right?   As my grandfather always said the devil is in the details. Which means we didn’t get all the information. Our think tank laboratory team ran test on the advertised wattage verses actual and found the actual wattage to be 77 watts per hour.  The bulb may only uses 27 watts!  But, you for got to add the transformer that powers each bulb.  You see the light created by a Compact florescent bulb come from very high voltage and that voltage requires a transformer to do the step-up in voltage. This fact of missing saving that the manufactures misrepresented to us the consumer. This is something you didn’t know…

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